Have You Ever Wondered About Your Destiny?

Have you ever wondered about your destiny? Wondered whether your life was simply a pre-determined series of events or in fact a clean slate, waiting for you to fill in the details…

Destiny. What is destiny?

Literally it means a predetermined course of events; the future, what is destined for you. I’ve heard this definition misinterpreted as the end result will remain constant, so why bother pursuing anything with any vigor? This is something akin to blaming everything on fate, which I don’t believe is correct.

For me, thinking about destiny allows me to ask whether my life was meant for something greater than what it is now.

I heard a great quote recently on destiny that went like this:


According to Edison, Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.
Destiny is 99% preparation and 1% execution. You can prepare all your life, but if you don’t go for it, you don’t take that leap in spite of tonnes of excuses and saying you’re not ready, you just won’t get there.

Sometimes you gotta just do it. Or why did you spend all that time preparing? Why do you prepare, and read, and grow… if you’re not going to take a step and finish it off? – Sam D. Kim

I like this quote because it reaffirms two of my beliefs:

  1. We’re here for a reason, and we can accomplish great things
  2. These things won’t happen by being complacent! In order to fulfill dreams, push out of comfort zones and be all that we can be, realise our destiny, it takes action.

I don’t believe my life will follow a completely unchangeable path. My life has a plan… but I also have free will and the ability to make choices. How much I apply myself, follow my dreams, and persevere will ultimately decide whether or not I become all that I can be. And whether I fulfill my destiny.

Does this mean you can do anything at all that you put your mind to? Well, let me ask the following question. Can anyone become a neurosurgeon? All it takes is hard work, dedication, passion, and unwavering dedication to your studies, right? True, but unfortunately for many people they are not well suited to the job, it’s just not meant to be. In addition to passion and drive, to be a neurosurgeon you also need fine motor skills, an ability to think and reason quickly, to be a great communicator and work well under pressure.

So pursuing a destiny means not only following key ingredients for success, but your pursuit has to also be right for you. Be meant to be. Destiny. I’m not trying to suggest that having all the right qualities for a job or role should be the only determining factor in pursuing it – of course there are many other factors that come into play. The point is, don’t miss out on fulfilling your destiny because you didn’t give things a shot. Shoot for the stars, and reflect on what your good qualities and abilities are – don’t be completely unrealistic with your pursuits.

Key ingredients to successfully fulfilling destiny:

  • Perseverence
  • Courage
  • Just Do It

Attitude, passion, drive and smart choices coupled with destiny equals results. Negativity, pessimism, giving up – these attributes will not see your destiny fulfilled.


Fulfill Your Destiny

Here’s how to do it. Do you have a great business idea you’ve been thinking about for ages? Maybe you’re more passionate about painting than your executive job? Think about your life now and where it’s heading – if you’ve settled for a mediocre existence, then you’re certainly not fulfilling your destiny.

Check it out:

  • Things often happen for a reason, we need to be alert and watching for opportunities
  • Great things can happen in your life, if only you give it a shot
  • To get there, to fulfill your destiny takes insight, passion, courage and a go for it mentality.

Destiny is about finding your niche and your passion, and never giving up.

At some point, you gotta just go for it. Why not take a minute right now to re-evaluate where your life is heading?

  • Don’t settle for second best
  • Believe you’re here for a reason
  • Look for opportunities
  • You can accomplish great things!
  • Above all, remember to Go for it, be Confident, and Don’t give up

How frustrating would it be to have a frail, 80 year old body and a realisation that you could have accomplished so much more with your life. Are you reaching your potential? On the road to fulfilling your destiny?